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Artemis Minimalism by AtomicKittenStudios
Artemis Minimalism
A request from my last con (Central Pa Comic Con). He actually bought this one and another I'll be doing soon. Then printing and sending him copies!!! So one down and one more to go. Look for Huntress to be uploaded soon.
Raven: WIP by AtomicKittenStudios
Raven: WIP
Just a little something I've been working on while at work when it's slow. Long way to go yet but I thought I'd upload some progress so far. :happybounce:  I really love her cape the most. :hero: 
Daryl Dixon by AtomicKittenStudios
Daryl Dixon
Here he is! My first walking dead piece! Hopefully not the last. I've already been told I need to do a series and draw some of the  other characters. We'll see! So much to do. I haven't posted in a while since I'm working a seasonal job right now, putting me at two jobs currently. But hopefully when this ends the beginning of may I'll have more time.

I will be at Central Pa Comic Con this weekend!!! Come pick this guy up for your collection!! :D See you there. Stop by and say hey. Would love to meet you! Can't miss me and my bright pink hair this weekend. And hope everyone enjoys this piece as much as I did making him.
Sneak peak by AtomicKittenStudios
Sneak peak
Come see the finished piece at Central PA Comic Con the weekend of March 14-15! And maybe you'll be the only one taking home the original See you there!!

I am a dummy! 
LOOOOOOOVVVVEEDDD IT!!!!! XD Need I say more? 

Ok, ok. Well, Pittsburgh was 50x better then my Baltimore experience. Not only did I have better prints on hand, they sold better as well. Unfortunately I didn't have my stickers restocked or my new Wolf Link Sticker. But oh well. Next time!!! I did sell out of Link and Wonder Woman Vinyl's! :D So that was exciting. 

One of the best things about Pittsburgh Comic Con at the Monroeville Convention Center was FREE PARKING!!! Can't beat it! And my hotel had parking as well, unlike the baltimore one. It's safe to say, I will be returning to Pittsburgh Comic Con next year. Just need to figure out a shorter route there without having to pay that $21 dollar toll again x.x They also brought us waters, sodas and McDonalds burgers or chicken sandwiches the first two days. Who doesn't love all the free stuff? Seriously. 

I met more cool people who are always great to learn from. This one guy is sos awesome, he's been in the art field for yearrrrrrrrrs and he had some original comics he did... Painted in gouache! o.o not all of them had ink work, just straight up paint, with such ridiculous detail and precision. Stuff he did in like the 70's and 80's he was telling me. He pointed me to a book for pricing on art and information that is very helpful. (need to purchase it on ebay now :D) Check him out at the House of Zing on facebook. There was another really nice lady who sat next to me who was also a graphic designer. You could really tell by all her illustrator pieces, at least of them were done using illustrator. She was really cool. She told me about this bag stand selling sleeves for art work really cheap and I told her about the site I get my prints from. I'm sure I'll run into them at future Con's. 

Another thing I really enjoyed about this one was the Artists Quick Sketch Charity event. I won't go into too much detail because I already ranted about it on my Zatanna post which is a piece I did for it. My friend Lali got me to go to it and I'm glad I did even though the first day my hands were shaking and my heart was racing because I was so nervous xD They had a bunch of tables set up on stage and we were all up there to draw as many or as few pieces as we liked in an hour and then everyone who bought raffle tickets got to be in the drawing as they gave them away. We raised a lot of money all three days for different charities. 

What sucked was driving for 20 some minutes looking for a burger joint in the opposite direction of our hotel and then waiting an hour for a seat in the place almost. Course the burgers were really good when we finally did get them, but over the waiting time to get our food and all... idk if 2 hours was worth the wait xD However a really good Japanese place was in the mall like yards from the convention center <3 

Overall it was a great time, even though I didn't walk around as much and see everyones else's stuff this time. It probably saved me a lot of money. Everyone has such cool prints and I don't want to spend all my profits! But I did get the cutest custom order green and black cat ears xD Couldn't resist. 

I had a guy come by my table who is a writer and he published a book just because he loves writing and the publishers decided they wanted him to write 3 more! He got an award for the first one and he was looking for an Artist to design the cover of his next one. Not sure how many people he talked to but I hope he does decide on me. Looks like i need to come up with a concept for him and contact him soon! :D 

Also pretty awesome news, when I got back I had a message on here about going to a small event at the UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) student organization Com (comics and other media). It's only a few hours in the evening but I get to talk to students about what it is I do and get some publicity. I can sell some artwork as well while I am there so hopefully I can make it there in Nov, on the the 13th.

I've got some more characters to do after these last two shows. I've been getting some people looking for Hawkeye, Martian Manhunter Minimalism who is now done and a few others. So back to work before the next show which may be in Richmond Va in November if my memory serves me well. 

If you ever decide to go to be a vender at Pittsburgh, make sure your in the small press room, NOOTTT the artists alley. No one goes through there hardly as unfortunate as is it for those who do end up there. I was forewarned ahead of time. I did my first Commission for one of the artists in there who came to the charity sketch and liked the Zatanna I did, so here's the one I did for her Zatanna Commission.

Thanks for all the watches, you guys rock! 
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Sarah Poet
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