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First Comic Con I got to be a vender at!!! Yeeeeah!!! :D Excitement!! Haha. 

Preparing for this was a nightmare I must admit. Between working my "day job" and trying to get work ready for this weekend, the last few months, I found myself fairly busy. Course I can be a slacker at times and completely unmotivated to paint/draw when I get off an 8 hour shift at the fabulous craft store...(<--- sarcasmmmmm.. ^^) Plus I like to spend my weekends with my hard working boyfriend who is busy working weekdays. Gotta love him though, he's very supportive of my Artistic endeavors <3 

My friend shipped me vinyl stickers for the show and he got busy so they were sent late and were going to show up thursday which is the night I was leaving for baltimore. Luckily they came on time (hour and a half earlier then the "expected arrival" but on time!) I also made a purchase from staples that didn't go through with my card apparently!! D:< So the lady over the phone resent it and that i had to pick up after 5pm thursday. And my prints got done thursday at 3:30... Didn't I mention it was a nightmare <.< Plan ahead... and don't wait till the last minute!! Just don't.. EVER.. I MEAN IT O__O Unless you want to go crazy... Maybe you just like the pressure of possibly not having merchandise for the whole weekend, but that would mean you might be a little more then crazy xD Idk.. Anywho. I'll skip the other details and get to the con :3

Friday!! Day one:
Don't park your car in the fire lane and then walk around out front to go in and get your badge.. I almost got it towed and would have had to pay $300 o.o There were some grumpy people when I came back. Ha. Then we drug everything inside to set up and went to take the car back to the garage.. which happened to be full.. Hour later.. we found parking and walked down with only a half hour or less to set up before the vip's came in to shop. Joy!!! At this point I actually had time to look through my prints the night before in the hotel and let's just they kinda sucked. The colors turned out so dark I felt bad trying to get people to buy them :( I stopped at the print shop today and I'll be brightening some stuff and they will reprint them for free once we get the adjustments squared away thank goodness. But I will not be ordering from them again sadly. (for them at least, or maybe not <.<) I got to walk around a lot that day and check out the zillions of other artists, seriously.. there were a ton!!! And you know how they say someones always going to be better then you, well these people were like fricking awesomeee :D I loved it all... course in the back of my mind I kept reminding myself I'm here to make money not spend it, sadness. And unfortunately I didn't sell a thing and the night kind of dragged on forever since it opened up at 1 in the afternoon. I learned comic con's don't stay open as late as anime conventions. However 7pm just seemed so early. And walking up a hill to the hotel sucked either way but then we ordered Chinese  <3 <3 <3 om nom nom :D 

Saturday! Day 2:
I sold Jak!!! :D first print to sell and gahhhh.. got all excited xD fellow jak and daxter fan <3 It was a while before I sold another print but I got to walk around a lot since I had 3 friends with me including boyfwend <3 As my awesome friend Laura instructed, I talked to a lot of artists near by. There are some really cool people and most of them are really nice and helpful. Were all there for the same reason, trying to sell our artwork so why not help each other out. I'll definitely be like them some day ^^ assisting the newbies like me. There was this one girl kind of behind me though that liked to squeal at the top of her lungs practically whenever she saw someone she knew at her table. Sunday she got told she wasn't allowed to do that anymore because it scared people, some complained and accidents happened due to her sudden outbursts. Thank you staff xD I visited Laura's table multiple times for advice since she was there!! Hadn't seen her in months, so YAY!!!!! Finally came to the conclusion that I should lower my prices based on the prices around me that weekend. So price drop was made and sales started pouring in (ok maybe drizzling is a better word xD) But I was finally selling!! Which is an amazing feeling for someone who has never sold their art work before :) it felt great. I got a lot of laughs out of Yoda Stitch but I only sold one on Saturday. My friends also reorganized my table some, more stickers scattered across the space and business cards out of their holder and on the table (each side and the middle, spread out some). The hold became a prop for the smaller portfolio book and Lali (Laura) let me borrow her easel she didn't use for the bigger book. I'm still working on my displaying techniques, but one thing at a time. Displays aren't cheap. Saturday turned out to be the busiest day with the most people and profit. 

Sunday! Day 3: 
Slow start but after a while it picked up some. I didn't do nearly as well as the day before but all in all I think I broke even with the cost of the hotel and table. It was always cool to be called over while I was out running around (because I couldn't seem to sit still xD) to sign something for someone. Absolutely great feeling btw!! :D I guess that mostly happened saturday but same difference haha.

Some things I learned

1. Don't share a hotel room with someone who snores (no offense to my friend but I do need almost complete silence to sleep xD)

2. Order everything like a month ahead!!! 

3. Parking in the city sucks. Don't move your car once you find parking if you really don't have too. 

4. Invest in some sort of container with wheels for your supplies. It makes carrying it up a hill to your stationary car later, so much easier. Fewer breaks to stop and breath.

5. Printing your stuff yourself might be an easier route. Got some advice on printers from some artists.

6. If your having someone else print for you. ALWAYS ASK FOR PROOFS.

7. Smaller conventions aren't bad. In fact you might make more at them because your competing against less artists for the customers. And bigger conventions are full of ridiculously amazing artists who have built more of a fan base already.

8. People buy more at Anime conventions. Comic con's are full of older nerds and little munchkins. And usually there looking specifically for certain stuff when buying. Oh.. and the little kids in costumes are adorable!!! <3

9. I don't like end tables. Yes traffic goes through there. But traffic also pushes away those trying to look at your stuff when they want to walk through the little space between your table and the one across from you.

10. Vender chairs need more cushion. Folded up hoodie only sorta helps. 

There was so much I took in while talking to other artists there that I can't possibly remember it all especially since I tend to have a bit of short term memory. But it was a great experience and I met some really cool people. They all took the time to share some things with me and I wish I could of chatted longer. Course I didn't want to completely distract them away from there customers or commissions they were working on. However I picked up some business cards and hope to see some of them again and stay in touch some. One even said I could hit him up with anymore questions and about up coming con's and stuff which is rather exciting. I'm sure there's more I could say but I also don't want to ramble on forever because I could easily do that. But if anyone has questions about the convention or anything, feel free to ask. Next one I'm signed up for is Pittsburgh Comic Con! Hit me up if your going. ^^ 

Much Love~
Atomic Kitten <3 


Sarah Poet
United States

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